Members come to me with Texture, Pictures and ask would they be of use, also a few have wanted ADULT rooms of which I will make a separate site that is

Pass Worded but that will be at a later date
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if any 3d artists that are on Moove see this room, please contact me I would like to ask something

Count Barnabas-Collins provided me with the pictures as well as the idea
( that came with the picture's )
hope you all like  and thanks for looking


Well Count Barnabas-Collins got my brain working and imagination, ( holding ice pack to head) he asked if I could do a long house, well here is my attempt, the pictures of the room are hard to do, but took the best I could , I am using LAB. In the folder called load first are two folders one for what is in the room, and the other what could be used in the room, I hope you all have fun, but please let me know what you think of the room

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As promised, the longhouse in another room style *BUNGALOW* hope this one is usable lol was fun making.
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