The rooms here are made rooms for diffrent rooms, but you will see MOOVE items in them, just to allow you to see what they are like. If you need help please contact me 

I have made two rooms one is  "Bungalow" the other is "LivingRoomA", and is a Japanese Style
Size : 0.198 Kb
Type : zip

No items in here, so YOU can use your imagination, but there are a lot of sites to down load good furniture from, look on the COMMUNITY PAGE on Moove
Size : 0.197 Kb
Type : zip

This is the Living RoomA  I put the tables in for an idea, good luck and have fun

I have been looking around and was thinking of the Gothis and Vampire Members a lot, few rooms are made for them I have a few on my other site  *Lanas* Room's  now this one Room I made with Moove Room  "Living Room C ", I have put loads of sofas in for something to look at lol
Size : 0.36 Kb
Type : zip